What is there to do in the Bay Area? If you have to ask yourself this question, chances are you haven’t visited the area much before. There are hiking trails, wineries, museums and cityscapes to explore. There is so much to do in the Bay Area that you are more likely to find yourself asking “where’s the time!?” than “what can I do now?”

When you visit the Bay Area, try to prioritize based on the length of your stay. Consider what events you are really looking forward to, and what excursions you wouldn’t be too heartbroken if you missed. Then, figure out how you are going to fit all of those destinations into your short stay.

Here are the top five things you can’t miss in the Bay Area:

1. San Francisco: Spend the day exploring this great city that more than 800,000 people call home. San Francisco is especially known for its high hills and winding roads, so walking tours are often difficult.

2. Livermore wineries: Though they don’t get as much attention as other wineries in the Northern California area, Livermore wineries are close by the Bay Area and offer exquisite views with fine tasting wines.

3. Festivals: It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit the Bay Area, San Francisco is home to some of the best festivals in the country. From January to December, thousands of people pour into the streets to celebrate different causes and events. Festivals are held in honor of everything from a great brew to healthy sea animals.

4. Napa Wineries: These world-renown wineries are within short distance of the Bay Area and are not worth missing out on. You can take a wine tour that includes tastings and views of the massive vineyards—often complete with caves.

5. Hiking: When in the Bay Area you’ll have some of the best food and drink in the world. Take advantage of the plush surroundings to work it off a bit and stretch your legs. There are many trails that will take you within eyesight of the famous golden gate bridge, too.

If you are only staying in the Bay Area for a few short days, you may want to consider taking advantage of transportation services. This can help you avoid Bay Area traffic, skip the hassle of getting lost and enjoy yourself from one destination to the next without dealing with a stressful commute.

Great for those who aren’t from the area, luxury transportation services can help those staying in town have a bit of a staycation. Even if you call the Bay Area your home, you can take advantage of the many things there are to do in the area without having to worry about driving yourself around town.

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