wedding-limo-transportationOne of the most stressful times in a person’s life is the preparation for their wedding day. Most soon-to-be married couples spend months and months planning their big day. Everything MUST be perfect! The venue has to be picked, the bridesmaids and best men have to be selected, the dress has to be a dream come true, the food and drinks have to be amazing, and the appointments must be set! Wedding transportation is usually one of the last things that are thought about when planning for the big day. There’s so much to choose from! From your classic limousines, luxury sedans and exquisite vans… what vehicle is right for you? Do you plan on transporting your guests as well? There are some great ideas out there and we decided to list a few!

  1. Bike. I know, at first this seems for like a form of exercise or too laborious to be a good idea, but it is readily becoming one of the top picks among grooms and brides. For one, if you are budget-friendly and have already spent a large sum on your wedding, then a bike is a great idea! However, if you simply are not interested in riding a bike and having the chance of a dress mishap, then it could be just as nice to have bike props for photos.
  2. Classic Car. If you are a person that loves glamor, then a classic car is for you. Rental companies typically offer a large variety of options that are all sleek and stylish and are sure to grab the attention of your guests.
  3. Limousine. Every person, at least some time in their life, has been entranced by the idea of riding in a limo. It is stylish and makes any person feel like a celebrity. Anyone that has rode in one can definitely agree that riding in a limo is a one-of-a-kind event, just like a wedding.
  4. Luxury Sedan. Who doesn’t look fancy pulling up in one of these? The bride and groom are already dressed to impress, so coming out of a luxury sedan is sure to turn some heads. These vehicles arrive in amazing condition and provide exceptional comfort to passengers.
  5. Executive Van.  Have a long dress? Need a little more space? An Executive Van is the perfect fit. Many brides choose the Mercedes Sprinter as their wedding day transportation. It’s also great for shuttling around your guests from one venue to the next.

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