Where is a place that people can enjoy history, family hospitality, and excellent wine all in one? Livermore Valley. Although Livermore Valley isn’t as well-known as Sonoma and Napa, the gems of Livermore wineries are definitely worth seeing. Just outside of San Francisco, San Jose and Silicon Valley, there are over three-dozen wineries residing in the Livermore Valley.

Driving down the highway, you wouldn’t think there could possibly be a wine country so close and convenient to home. However, the land seems to play tricks on the eyes and after driving through suburban landscapes, your eyes come upon vineyards stretched across the valley floor and rising onto the lower slopes of the hills.

The Varietals of Livermore

Many wine regions are known for a particular grape. Some example of this is in Napa Valley, you have cabernet sauvignon; Marlborough has Sauvignon Blanc; and Mendoza Valley has Malbec. Livermore is no different and the particular grapes that Livermore is known for are chardonnay and petite sirah, both of which owe a large portion of their California history to Livermore.

Just a few of the Livermore Wineries

The Concannon Vineyards

If you want a more classy night, then you should look into the Concannon Vineyards. This winery allows visitors to experience all of the history of wine country in one visit. This vineyard boats some of the finest cabernets and has been a Livermore mainstay for over a century and a quarter. The main claim to fame for Concannon comes from being the first to bottle petite sirah as a varietal wine in the United States. Concannon has grown to be the second largest producer of wine in Livermore.

Wente Vineyards

This vineyard has some of the best sustainable growth wines in Northern California. It is one of the biggest of the Livermore wineries and boasts other great attractions; such as live concerts, a hillside golf course, and a fantastic restaurant. The chardonnays are the signature varietals with styles ranging from completely stainless steel to those aged in French, American and Hungarian oaks. As customers sample the range of different ones, they are sure to find one that suits them.

Retzlaff Vineyards

It is here that customers can be swooned buy the great sounds of open air jazz, while enjoying a wonderful picnic. This vineyard is perfect for day trips and is nestled among the pepper trees of Livermore.

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