Valentine’s Day, cue the violins, roses and candlelight. If you’re tired of the same old Valentine’s plans, why not try these new and clever ways to spend the holiday of LOVE.

  • Skip dinner. Try breakfast. – Every restaurant is always packed for dinner. So why not change it up and try breakfast instead. Need ideas for great breakfast places? Here is yelp’s list of best breakfast places in the Bay Area
  • See the Bay Bridge as you’ve never seen it before- In November, the Bay Bridge opened up the pedestrian and bike path, the weather has been so great in Northern California, you may be able to see a great sunset from the new addition to the Bay Bridge. Find more information about it
  • Don’t buy a meal. Make a meal – Want to try an expensive meal while learning a new thing or two? Take a couples cooking class. It will bring a new light to the term “Kiss the Cook” Try these classes: Kitchen on Fire,  Back to the Table and Sur La Table


Do you have any ideas that we missed? Comment below and give us your ideas!