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Best Ways to Stay Safe on the Road During the Holidays

Here is a bit of information sure to scare some of the holiday cheer right out of you. On the average day, about 100 Americans die in car accidents. That is a tragic number, as every single one of them can be considered an otherwise preventable death by people following traffic laws, paying better attention to the road and designating a driver as needed. Here is where this statistic grows sad: On Thanksgiving, that number is five times higher.

Holidays make driving dangerous. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and the days immediately surrounding the actual holidays are the biggest traffic times of the year. With everyone on the road, it is not surprising that the risk of car accidents go up.

This is all reason why it is essential that you are precautions and take steps to stay safe as you are on the road this holiday season. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Designate a driver: Holiday celebrations are great, but the drive home can be dangerous if the driver has been drinking. Take advantage of hired Bay Area transportation to get you home safely. This way none of your friends have to refrain from the fun.
  • Hire a shuttle: Keep the fun going on the road with a Bay Area party bus. This gives you and your friends the chance to continue enjoying yourselves as you get home safely.
  • Slow down on the road: During the holiday season, expect the unexpected. Pay close attention to the road and the speed limit so you don’t find yourself in an accident.
  • Wear your seat-belt: In most cases, when accidents do happen on the roads they do not have to be fatal. Wearing your seatbelt will keep you safe in case of the worst.

Throughout the holiday season there are a lot of Grinches on the road. Be cautious of this and don’t let any of them take you down with their road rage! Stay out of the way of cars that are speeding past you and don’t engage in any aggressive driving behavior. If you are uncomfortable near another driver on the road, slow down or pull over until they have passed you and then travel on again.

Safety first should be your number one priority during the holiday travel season. By being cautious on the road, we hope you can have a safe, happy and healthy holiday!

5 Times you should Always Hire a Limo

There are some nights when a pint of ice cream and a good book are all you need to have the best night of your life. Other times, a bit more planning is involved. Hiring a limousine can turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary night, and take the normal out of any weeknight or weekend that you plan together with friends and family.

Expectations can make or break an event. When you are expecting the world and receive just a sliver, you are not likely to be thrilled with the result. There are some who use this as a reason to not get overly excited about events, leaving them perpetually pleasantly surprised.

Of course, there are some nights that are meant to be extraordinary. Life events and large parties are planned with a huge expectation of fun and memories, and it isn’t reasonable to lower your expectations just to lessen the chance of your hopes being dashed. There are a few things you can do to help those nights live up to the greatest of your expectations. Like, for example, hiring a limousine.

Consider the way a limo can make these five life experiences that much more enjoyable:

1. Your wedding: There may be no other night as meaningful as your wedding. This is one night when it makes sense to let someone else take care of the traffic, and you can focus on enjoying yourself. Your wedding night, the morning after your wedding and even the rehearsal dinner can all be made more enjoyable by a limousine.

2. Your reunion: Whether it is for high school or college, showing up in a limousine sends a message of success. Let people talk about you–that is what going to those reunions is all about.

3. For travel: Heading out of town, out of state or out of the country? Taking a limousine to the airport comes with serious benefits. You won’t have to pay for long-term parking, you’ll have serious space for your luggage and won’t have to rely on a friend for a ride.

4. Wine tours: It is a shame to live in California and not take advantage of the many vineyards in the area. Wine tours are a great way to spend time with friends and family while enjoying your community. Don’t drive yourself to one of these events. Keep everyone together and safe by traveling in a limo.

5. Ladies night: You’ve got all of your friends together and you are heading out on the town. Hiring a limousine will make this night like no other. You won’t need a designated driver, you won’t need to worry about parking and you won’t need to think twice about getting home safe. It is all taken care of, and you can rest assured you’ll get into any club you arrive at as you step out of your limo and into the time of your life.


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Limo Company to Take You on Wine Tours

limo-wine-tourPlanning a wine tour can be time consuming, especially for first timers. Where do you go? What do the wineries offer? How are you going to get to each one? Who’s going to drive if everyone is drinking? No one goes to wine country without partaking in the wine tasting festivities! Therefore a tour guide and designated driver are definitely needed.  Having a limousine company pick you up and take you is the best and safest way to tour wine country. Companies, such as Black Tie Transportation, provide customers with chauffeurs that can guide you on your wine tour all with the comfort of not having to drive yourself. However, it is important to ask questions so that you know the company you are looking at is right for you. These questions will really help you find the best company and lead on the path to a great wine tour.

  1. What makes your company different from any other limo company? This is a great question so that you can see the things that they have to offer. Every company should be able to have a great reply to this question or you may need to look elsewhere. It’s important to find out the things that set certain companies apart from others.
  2. Are tasting and tour fees included? Most transportation companies do not include tasting and tour fees. They want to leave it up to you so that way you can choose the group of tasting you would like to partake in at your own ease. Some, however, do include this fee in their package.
  3. I’ve never been to wine country, can you pick the best wineries for me? This is important because you will automatically be able to tell if a transportation company is knowledgeable of wine country. A knowledgeable company should know of the best wineries in the area and should be able to recommend some for you based off of your needs. San Francisco Bay Area’s Black Tie Transportation sets the example by having a list of the popular go-to wineries for anyone that has never been.
  4. Can I bring my children? Every winery is different. Be sure to let the transportation company know that you will be bringing children, that way they can give you a list of wineries that allow children.

These are just some of the questions you may have for your limo company. If you have anymore, don’t be afraid to ask and know that great quality companies will be able to assist you with whatever question or concern you may have! Going on a wine tour is a one of a kind experience and it is your job to make sure that you are picking the right company to take you on the wine tour.