bay-areaLiving in the Bay Area comes with its perks. There is the weather, the topography, the food—and most would say that the people who live in the Bay Area are a perk within their self, too.

When you live in the Bay Area, you don’t need to worry about a long lazy afternoon, unless you want one of those, of course. There are things to do down just about every corner, from wine tastings to hiking, to shopping. You can even take a long drive to enjoy the scenery y of the area.

Whether this is your home or you are visiting the Bay Area for a short period of time, there are certain things to do in this region that you do not want to miss. Take advantage of the resources around you and make the most out of your time in the Bay Area.

Here are seven things to do that you won’t want to miss out on:

1. Livermore Wine Tours: Hire a limousine or party shuttle to take you on a Livermore wine country tour so you can see the region, taste the wine and get home safely.

2. Hike Tildon Park: Take a trip out to this 2,000+ acre wilderness park on the eastern side of San Francisco.

3. Alcatraz: This former prison is legendary, and supposedly haunted, yet many locals of the Bay Area have never bothered taking the time to see the sight.

4. Shopping: Downtown Walnut Creek is a premier destination for shopping and dining. Arrive in style and enjoy the day out of the house with friends by hiring transportation to bring you to this shopping area.

5. The 49 Mile Drive: Okay, so driving yourself 49 miles might not sound like pleasure, but on this designated scenic highway it is worth the gas mileage. Of course, hiring a driver to take you along the drive will only make it more enjoyable, and will allow you to concentrate on what is going on around you instead of just is what is on the road.

6. Farmer’s Markets: There are farmer’s markets all over the United States, but San Francisco and the Bay Area pretty much are known for having some of the best around. Bite into a juicy piece of fruit or grab some fresh veggies for your dinner while meeting people from the community.

7. Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Parade: This is the biggest St. Patrick’s Day festival west of the Mississippi. There are dancers, Irish-inspired food, live music and more.

Each of these events are fun attractions that help to make the Bay Area great. When planning any of these outings, think about your transportation options. Take advantage of shuttle and limousine services like those offered by Black Tie Transportation so you know you’ll always arrive in style and get home safe.