party bus

Prom season is here! It’s time to pick out the perfect prom dress, schedule your make-up and hair appointment, and plan the biggest night you’ve been waiting for. Prom is all about having a great time while outshining the rest of your class. It’s about having the cutest dress, the hottest date, and the coolest car. Who wants to pull up in the same vehicle that everyone else is riding in? A classic stretch limousine is usually the go-to choice when it comes to prom. Why not think outside of the box? Instead of a traditional limousine, why not try the Stretch Lincoln Navigator? At least you will be able to fit 7 couples comfortably instead of 6.

Transportation is usually the last thing high school seniors think of when planning their prom extravaganza. Who’s riding with who? What’s the  maximum amount of people you can bring inside your vehicle? How much is my prom transportation going to cost? Those are all questions that arise when planning your special prom night. Usually, it’s best to figure out who wants to ride together as a group to prom, which vehicle you would like to go with according to the size of your party, and how much each person will be paying individually. If you have a party of 6, the classic stretch limousine is perfect. If you have a party of 12, the Stretch Lincoln Navigator would be best. If you have a party of 26, the party bus would not only would accommodate your needs, but you could start the party early by riding in the limo bus.

If you’re looking for a transportation company in the Bay Area, Black Tie Transportation is the way to go. We want to be a part of your special prom night, by offering exclusive deals for our Bay Area students! Give us a call and a representative will be happy to assist you in planning your big night.