Tailgating at football games is something that just screams “America!” Sport goers have been attending tailgate parties for many years now and it increases in popularity as time goes on. Black Tie knows how important tailgating is to the football community and they like to offer up their party bus to take you from casual tailgate attendee to the talk of the tailgate party.

With Black Tie’s party bus, customers can bring one of the most important beverages to the tailgate party: alcohol. Let’s face it: alcohol is one of the biggest factors to a tailgate party. Attendees can get quite intoxicated without the judgment of their peers, because their peers are doing just the same. Black Tie’s party bus comes equipped with two bars fully loaded with liquor, champagne, soft drinks, and water. The latter two are just as important as the alcohol, because not only adults are there to enjoy the tailgate party; youngsters are able to enjoy some soft drinks, while the people around them enjoy some alcohol.

What is another big factor in tailgating? A television.  With Black Tie’s party bus, you have an awesome, 42” plasma television in the rear wall. Not all tailgaters are attending the game and need something to watch the game on. On top of the impressive television, you have a fantastic sound system to go along with it. Every football fan knows that you need great sound to go along with a great television.

The party bus can also be used as a way to escape. Football games go on during the scolding heat, as well as the blistering cold. It would be great to get out of the sun and relax in the inside of the party bus or warm up inside of the bus if it is too cold. There is also the fact that children can get tired at events like this. You can have them relax inside for a bit and escape the hectic atmosphere of a tailgate party.

Since football season is just beginning to get underway, it is important to start looking into Black Tie’s party services now while you can. You don’t want to miss an awesome chance at bringing a party bus to the tailgate party and being the talk of the community.