Black Tie Transportation CEO Bill Wheeler is an open book. If you ask him how to succeed in chauffeured ground transportation, he’ll happily tell you: “The secret to anyone’s success is that they care,” he says. “If you care enough, then you can teach your people to care and it becomes an easy business: Show up on time with a clean car and a professional chauffeur. That’s it.”
It’s that simple … and that difficult. Nearly three decades of experience have prepared Wheeler for most anything, including the dot-com bust and the explosion of the tech community in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area where the company is located.

Black Tie Bus
BMW Circle

Photo Left: Like father, like son: CEO Bill Wheeler (left) with his son William at Concannon Vineyards in Livermore, Calif. (with one of Black Tie’s buses from Grech Motors)

Photo Right: Wheeler stands amongst his latest fleet additions: BMW 740Li sedans

Del Corazon Orphanage
Giving Back Wheelchair

Wheeler’s Second Act
Running a successful company and putting the right people in place was the impetus for allow-ing Wheeler some time away from the business to focus on other interests. For Wheeler, that meant philanthropy. From 2002-2012, he traveled solo to more than 35 countries via motorcycle. Inspired by a friend who was afflicted with cerebral palsy, he cofounded the charity Del Corazon (“from the heart”), which focuses its efforts on providing mobility assistance to young people throughout North, Central, and South America—19 countries so far with Peru next on the list. The charity also supports the School of Imagination, a preschool for children with speech and developmental issues based in Dublin, Calif., as well as El Oasis Orphanage in Baja California, which Wheeler discovered on a motorcycle trip. Three times a year, the Del Corazon founders do a “Costco haul” worth about $15,000 to help the orphanage with supplies, mattresses, bedding, and electronics.

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