Black Tie Gift Certificate

Give the gift that shows you care – a Black Tie gift certificate!

A Black Tie gift certificate is the perfect gift for any time of year! Friends and family alike will be delighted with the prospect of riding in one of our luxurious and safe vehicles. Whatever the occasion, making it a Black Tie affair will make it even more special!

  • Weddings – Make that couple’s special day even more special by providing them with the luxury of a Black Tie limo ride.
  • New Year’s Eve – You and your friends want to have a good time but also want to stay safe? Let our professional drivers do the driving for you as you ring in the New Year!
  • Date Night – Surprise your loved one, your parents, or friends by turning their date night into a night to remember as they hit the town in one of our limos!
  • Prom – Even the surliest teen will smile when they can get to and from the prom in style. And you will breathe easier knowing they’ll arrive home safely and on time.
  • Sporting Events – You might not be able to hit a 98 MPH fastball or break through the other team’s defensive line, but you can look the part as you and your friends arrive with class at the stadium to cheer for your team.

To purchase a Black Tie gift certificate, simply call us at (800) 445-0444 and speak to one of our customer service specialists. Based on your needs, they can recommend the exact package you need, including which vehicle for the appropriate amount of time. When you’re all set, we’ll send you a gift certificate you’ll be proud to give!

The Black Tie gift certificate. It’s the new standard in caring.


To Buy Your Gift Certificate Call: 1 (800) 445-0444