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Holiday Stress

The holiday season is here! Have you finished your shopping? Are you ready for the traveling, cooking, cleaning and parties? Let Black Tie take away some of the stress! Your family is coming to town for the holidays and someone has to pick them up from the airport, while cleaning the house and cooking that turkey! Don’t worry, we won’t leave Grandma stranded at the airport. We’ll pick up your family wherever they are located and get them safely to your home so you can focus on being Martha Stewart!

If it’s a holiday party or company party you’re stressing about, we can take care of that as well. We can provide private chauffeured service to make sure that everyone can enjoy the holiday cheer and get home safely! We have a variety of vehicles to accommodate any group size from our Town Cars and Escalades to Limousines and Motor Coaches! If you have last minute shopping to do, our gift certificates are perfect for anyone on your list; great for Wine and Brew Tours, San Francisco Tours, Airport Transfers or a Date Night.

At Black Tie, our staff and chauffeurs want to help make your holiday celebration less stressful and more memorable, but most importantly we want you to have a safe and Happy Holiday season!


bay-areaLiving in the Bay Area comes with its perks. There is the weather, the topography, the food—and most would say that the people who live in the Bay Area are a perk within their self, too.

When you live in the Bay Area, you don’t need to worry about a long lazy afternoon, unless you want one of those, of course. There are things to do down just about every corner, from wine tastings to hiking, to shopping. You can even take a long drive to enjoy the scenery y of the area.

Whether this is your home or you are visiting the Bay Area for a short period of time, there are certain things to do in this region that you do not want to miss. Take advantage of the resources around you and make the most out of your time in the Bay Area.

Here are seven things to do that you won’t want to miss out on:

1. Livermore Wine Tours: Hire a limousine or party shuttle to take you on a Livermore wine country tour so you can see the region, taste the wine and get home safely.

2. Hike Tildon Park: Take a trip out to this 2,000+ acre wilderness park on the eastern side of San Francisco.

3. Alcatraz: This former prison is legendary, and supposedly haunted, yet many locals of the Bay Area have never bothered taking the time to see the sight.

4. Shopping: Downtown Walnut Creek is a premier destination for shopping and dining. Arrive in style and enjoy the day out of the house with friends by hiring transportation to bring you to this shopping area.

5. The 49 Mile Drive: Okay, so driving yourself 49 miles might not sound like pleasure, but on this designated scenic highway it is worth the gas mileage. Of course, hiring a driver to take you along the drive will only make it more enjoyable, and will allow you to concentrate on what is going on around you instead of just is what is on the road.

6. Farmer’s Markets: There are farmer’s markets all over the United States, but San Francisco and the Bay Area pretty much are known for having some of the best around. Bite into a juicy piece of fruit or grab some fresh veggies for your dinner while meeting people from the community.

7. Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Parade: This is the biggest St. Patrick’s Day festival west of the Mississippi. There are dancers, Irish-inspired food, live music and more.

Each of these events are fun attractions that help to make the Bay Area great. When planning any of these outings, think about your transportation options. Take advantage of shuttle and limousine services like those offered by Black Tie Transportation so you know you’ll always arrive in style and get home safe.

holiday-travelThe holidays mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, they are a time to remember the wonders of days past and to reflect on the loved ones that we are grateful for having in our lives, as well as those who we miss. For others, the holiday season is a time of meditation, spirituality and religious appreciation. Still for others, the holidays mean it is time to shop, travel and dine.

Whichever of these are true for you, there is one thing that everyone shares in common—the traffic.

Managing Travel around the Holidays

Just about every person and their brother are on the road during the holiday season. They may be heading to the store, to visit a loved one or even off to the airport themselves. If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, you are going to have to plan ahead. Putting some forethought into when you need to arrive somewhere and how you hope to arrive will save you a great deal of stress come travel day.

Here are five tips to survive the holiday travel season:

1. Take advantage of professional driving services: The most dangerous aspect of travel is the other drivers on the road. You don’t just have to worry about your own stressors and distractions, but those that are occupying the minds of the person in the lane next to you. Let a professional driver care for these worries so you can concentrate on getting to your destination on time.

2. Being early is on-time: Expect delays everywhere you go, but don’t count on them. Make sure that you are getting to the airport with time to spare so you don’t get left stranded.

3. Schedule transport ahead of time: The holidays are a busy time period. Make sure that you are making arrangements to get to and then home from the airport long before travel day.

4. Ship packages ahead of time: Santa may arrive at his holiday destinations with presents in hand, but you don’t own your own flying sleigh. Airlines are incredibly busy, and your packages may get lost. If you are planning on arriving in town with presents, consider shipping them to arrive just before you. Considering the cost of checked baggage, this may be the cheaper option too.

5. Local? Take advantage: If you are not leaving town, take advantage of your local roads and stay off the highways as much as possible. This will help alleviate traffic for others, and will save you  a major headache.

How you get to the airport is a pretty big deal. When you book a ticket on a plane, they let you know what time the plane is planning to take off. If you aren’t there, the plane isn’t going to wait. Flight attendants will do their best to contact you, and make sure that you hurry up; but at the end of the day if you aren’t there when it is time to go, you are going to be stuck on the ground.

But traffic is unpredictable—especially surrounding airports. To be at the airport on time, you need to plan to be there way ahead of time. This is something that a lot of people struggle with. By planning ahead, you can ensure that you get to the airport with plenty of time to spare—and you won’t need to put out a friend to do so.

Hired Airport Transport: The Smart Way to Travel

Airport parking is incredibly expensive. For an extended stay the cost of leaving your car at home may be comparable to what you paid to go on vacation in the first place. While it is nice to rely on friends, it isn’t always convenient. That puts you at the beck and call of their schedule—and that may leave you in an airport terminal as you watch your would-be flight take off overhead.

Before you hire a ride to the airport, here are a few questions you should ask:

1. How often do you provide airport transportation? It might be nice to be fashionably late to a party, but that isn’t okay when you are heading to the airport.

2. How much storage can you guarantee? Make sure the transport company is prepared to carry your luggage.

3. How do you know when to pick me up? Travel goes two ways. Make sure that the transportation company you choose will pick you up from the airport to bring you home, and that they will track your flight so they are at the airport at the right time.

Black Tie Transportation offers airport shuttle services that will get you to the airport comfortably, in style, and on time. Hiring a limousine to get you and your family to the airport will ensure that you have a stable ride that has plenty of space for your travel companions and luggage. It also comes with the benefit of letting you rely on an experienced driver who knows exactly what roads to take, what the traffic patterns are and where to drop you off; this way you will be as close to your terminal as possible.

The top 10 things you shouldn’t forget before getting on the plane to leave the country.

Whether you are planning a voyage around the world that will keep you away from home for months on end, or you are just planning on jetting across the pond for a week of good food and great fun, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Wherever you go, forgetting something will make your trip tough. There are certain amenities that you are accustomed to, and once you leave the safe space of your culture you might not have access to those simple pleasures. Everything from your toothbrush to your heartburn medications need to come with you from the states. Weeks before jetting out of town it is in your best interest to start keeping a list of things you need to remember to bring.

One thing to think about: your ride to the airport. Airport parking is pricey, and finding a friend to give you and potentially your family and all of your accompanying luggage is tough to do. The answer? Limousine transport. By trusting Black Tie Transportation, you can arrive at the airport in luxurious style without the risk of there not being enough space for your belongings and your travel companions.

But before you get into a limo and travel to the airport, there are a collection of things you really shouldn’t over look.

Here are the top 10 things to take care of before heading to the airport:

1. Make sure your passport is up to date and in your possession

2. Review visa laws for the country you are visiting and check with the embassy about the duration of your stay.

3. Contact the airlines about what is okay to bring on the flight, and what you’ll have to leave at home.

4. Don’t assume you can bring a pet. Just because the airline has cleared Fido’s passage, that doesn’t mean customs will let your furried friend through.

5. Call your credit card companies and bank to let them know you’ll be overseas, just in case you need to use your card while there.

6. Review basic cultural aspects of the country where you are going so you know the dress code / etiquette laws and avoid any problems.

7. Know where you are planning on staying so you can arrive there safely and quickly.

8. Talk to your doctor and make sure that you are healthy to travel. Also check that you are up to date on vaccines so that you don’t get ill overseas.

9. Talk to a friend or neighbor about checking in on your home and belongings while you are out of town.

10. Finally, prepare your home for your time away. Do the dishes, take out the trash and unplug the iron. By taking a few simple steps, you can cut the energy costs your home will incur while empty, and make sure that you won’t come home to a smelly home after your time away.

header_airportIf you find yourself inside an airport, then you more than likely have just enjoyed a vacation. Well, unless it was for your job, which in any case is still a trip nonetheless. However, let’s be honest, airports can be quite stressful. You are running late for your flight, your baggage may not have arrived, etc. The point is that you should give yourself airport transportation as a gift. Airport transportation is a fantastic way to wrap up a trip or begin it. If you don’t believe it, then here are 3 great reasons that airport transportation will make a trip more enjoyable:

  1. Less stress. First off, knowing that you will have a ride when you arrive is perfect! Relying on family members or friends can work sometimes, but let’s face it, they aren’t always reliable. People can be stuck at the airport for hours if their ride just happens to be stuck in traffic or they had a break down. With airport transportation, you will feel secure in knowing that your ride will be their promptly waiting for you outside of the gate.
  2. Luxury. Airport transportation is already a treat. However with companies such as Black Tie Trans, you are additionally provided with comforts such as bottled water, champagne, and soda. This will be much better than those tiny little cups handed to you on the plane. Also, the vehicles transporting you are made of superb quality. Comfortable seating with a slick design and waxed and shined to perfection. Show yourself off too! Let those other passengers see you get picked up by a fancy car.
  3.  Feel secure in trusted hands. Your entire transportation will be controlled by a professional chauffeur. These chauffeurs are impeccable drivers with phenomenal customer service. You don’t even have to worry about any type of car accident with these workers behind the wheel, because they have this job specifically and work every day to perfect their skills. Also, companies tend to offer an extensive safety program so that you will never be in harm’s way.

Finding airport transportation is a must if you are looking to make your trip as good as it can be. You’ve probably spent a good deal of money on the tip, so don’t risk ruining it by dropping the ball when it comes to transportation. Just check out the amazing prices that are offered out there.

sfo_airport_transportationEverything to do with flying seems to be a hassle once you get to the airport. Your flight is delayed. You were stuck in front of a crying baby. Your pants won’t stay up when you take off your belt for the metal detector. There are just so many things that can make your travel plans irksome, but choosing transportation shouldn’t be one of them. That’s where Black Tie Transportation comes in. Some may be wondering why to pick them over any other transportation company and here are the top 5 reasons to do so:

  1.  Safety First. With recent transportation tragedies, Black Tie wants to ensure their clients that they have nothing to worry about when riding with Black Tie Transportation. Safety is BTT’s number one priority!  All vehicles go through a 35-point safety inspection before and after each trip. Unlike most luxury transportation companies, Black Tie has 3 full time certified mechanics on staff to handle any and all repairs needed. All vehicles are licensed and routinely maintained to the standards of the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation.
  2. Reserve at Any time. Black Tie offers a 24/7 national number to call and make reservations. This is a fantastic service, because people do not have to worry that they cannot get ahold of them in time for their flight. Having transportation ready for you is a very important aspect of flying. Anyone that has been stuck waiting for their ride at the airport would know how it feels.
  3. Always be on time to greet you. Through a computerized link to the FAA global airline tracking system, customers are guaranteed that their chauffeurs will be there promptly on time and be there ready to greet.
  4. Variety of Vehicles. The fleet offers a large variety of vehicles that can suit any client’s need. So, if you are worried that Black Tie may not be able to accommodate your large group or your special luggage needs; you are wrong. From a 3-passenger town car to a 40-passenger motor coach, Black Tie can accommodate a party of any size!
  5. Have a company that cares. It’s important to feel that the company you are dealing with, actually cares about you. That’s why Black Tie is such a great choice. Black Tie cares for its clients and goes as far as they can to make sure their customers are as happy as they can be.