The top 10 things you shouldn’t forget before getting on the plane to leave the country.

Whether you are planning a voyage around the world that will keep you away from home for months on end, or you are just planning on jetting across the pond for a week of good food and great fun, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Wherever you go, forgetting something will make your trip tough. There are certain amenities that you are accustomed to, and once you leave the safe space of your culture you might not have access to those simple pleasures. Everything from your toothbrush to your heartburn medications need to come with you from the states. Weeks before jetting out of town it is in your best interest to start keeping a list of things you need to remember to bring.

One thing to think about: your ride to the airport. Airport parking is pricey, and finding a friend to give you and potentially your family and all of your accompanying luggage is tough to do. The answer? Limousine transport. By trusting Black Tie Transportation, you can arrive at the airport in luxurious style without the risk of there not being enough space for your belongings and your travel companions.

But before you get into a limo and travel to the airport, there are a collection of things you really shouldn’t over look.

Here are the top 10 things to take care of before heading to the airport:

1. Make sure your passport is up to date and in your possession

2. Review visa laws for the country you are visiting and check with the embassy about the duration of your stay.

3. Contact the airlines about what is okay to bring on the flight, and what you’ll have to leave at home.

4. Don’t assume you can bring a pet. Just because the airline has cleared Fido’s passage, that doesn’t mean customs will let your furried friend through.

5. Call your credit card companies and bank to let them know you’ll be overseas, just in case you need to use your card while there.

6. Review basic cultural aspects of the country where you are going so you know the dress code / etiquette laws and avoid any problems.

7. Know where you are planning on staying so you can arrive there safely and quickly.

8. Talk to your doctor and make sure that you are healthy to travel. Also check that you are up to date on vaccines so that you don’t get ill overseas.

9. Talk to a friend or neighbor about checking in on your home and belongings while you are out of town.

10. Finally, prepare your home for your time away. Do the dishes, take out the trash and unplug the iron. By taking a few simple steps, you can cut the energy costs your home will incur while empty, and make sure that you won’t come home to a smelly home after your time away.